Patient Acquisition due 9/6

Intuidoc aims to secure a robust patient base by leveraging diverse strategies tailored to clinical, emotional, and consumer requirements. By combining community outreach, traditional marketing, and PR efforts, we’ll enhance our brand visibility. 

Additionally, by forging alliances with local hospitals, we’ll obtain referrals, thereby strengthening our network. Moreover, we’re committed to revenue-boosting tactics that not only bolster our profit margins but also curtail unnecessary costs. Serving our established Medicare Advantage patients will further streamline our medical claims expenses.

On-Demand Urgent Care

Acknowledging the declining patience for long wait times, our integrated Urgent Care facilities will cater to immediate care needs 24/7. We are positioning ourselves near overcrowded Emergency Departments, thereby offering a more convenient, cost-effective alternative for non-emergency care.

The average wait time in the United States for a new patient to see a Primary Care Provider (PCP) continues to rise and in 2022, was 26 days, up from 24.1 in 2017 and 21 days in 2004.  At the same time, consumer expectations have risen and the tolerance for excessive wait times has evaporated.  

In an effort to control healthcare costs, insurance companies have made the PCP the “gatekeeper” for patient care preventing patients from seeing a different PCPs when theirs is not available.   This has led patients to seek routine care in Emergency Departments and Urgent Care centers where a PCP referral is not necessary.  Instead of fighting consumerism, we will open an Urgent Care practice immediately adjacent to our Primary and Multi-Specialty practice with our diagnostic imaging in between the two. 

We will be able to see patients seeking immediate, convenient or urgent care and be reimbursed for these visits as an Urgent Care provider, while we screen patients for inclusion in their Continuous Care program. Locating near hospitals with overcrowded Emergency Departments where the New York State Dept. of Health says, 72% of visits could be treated in urgent or primary care settings, offers a more convenient solution to potential patients.  We will also make this care available 24×7 to be the only nonhospital/emergency department option for care after hours, when 40% of patients arrive in New York emergency departments.   

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